New treatment paradigms are required to expand access to care for patients worldwide. Our ambition is to broaden the adoption of endoluminal techniques around the world, to enable access to less or non-invasive care for patients everywhere. 

By combining 3 advanced technologies that enhance precision, patient-tailored solutions, and standardization, the AiiR platform enables intelligent robots to understand complex personalized anatomy and perform autonomous procedures under the supervision of the clinician.

The AIIR platform provides a highly differentiated solution, with integration of complex modalities:

AI trained on our own multi-modal database relying on several thousands of patients, allowing to build a digital twin able to anticipate potential complications and to make specific recommendations for a specific patient.
Real-time multi-modal medical image analysis allow fast and intelligent decision-making.
Autonomous motions supervised by the clinician allowing higher precision. The clinician can also teleoperate the robot with AI guidance at any stage.

Based on many years of research, TAVIPILOT is the first robotic solution developed using CARANX Medical’s AiiR platform to optimize aortic valve procedure. 

TAVIPILOT is the first application of the Caranx medical AiiR platform that will enable a more precise aortic valve positioning, leading to reaching the level of experts.


Innovation Award 2023

Caranx’s team is very proud of its Innovation award won at I-NOV 2023, organized by BPI France-Ademe.

New members of clinical board

Caranx is happy to welcome on board new members of Obelia Clinical Advisory board: 

Dr Bastid, Gastroenterologist, France

Dr Manos, Gastroenterologist, France

Extension of the office in Nice

Caranx’s team continues to grow! The company will expand its R&D facilities in Nice, to support the development of TAVIPILOT and OBELIA projects.