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Giulio Cerruti, PhD.

Giulio is Robotics Engineer at Caranx Medical, with particular focus on design, model and control of medical robotics devices. He received the B.S. in Computer Science Engineering from University of Genova (Italy) in 2011, and earned the M.S. degree in Robotics Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France) and from University of Genova in 2013. He received his PhD degree in Robotics Engineering from the Ecole Centrale de Nantes in 2016. His PhD thesis concerned the design and control of a low-cost and lightweight robotic hand for a social humanoid robot, in collaboration with SoftBank Robotics Europe (France).

Giulio has experience in both research and industry. After his PhD, he kept working as a Robotics Engineer in the research department of SoftBank Robotics Europe, investigating actuation mechanisms and designing and controlling agile legged robotics platforms.

In 2017 he joined the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), in Genova, as a Project Manager and Mechatronics Engineer. Here he led the design of an upper-limb exoskeleton for the rehabilitation of shoulder and scapula injuries and a lower-limb exoskeleton to assist patients with paralyzed limbs. 

In 2019 he joined the Robotics Research team at Dyson, in Malmesbury (UK), as a Senior Robotics Research Engineer and became Lead Robotics Research Control Engineer in 2020. 

Giulio is a robotics enthusiast who worked on projects which aim to improve everyday people’s quality of life. He sees technology as a means to help people, allowing them to live and work better.

He contributed in the design and development of advanced robotics platforms, such as quadrupeds, five-fingered hands, bipeds and exoskeletons, with particular focus on their sizing, software and control.