Caranx medical develops the AIIR platform to broaden the adoption of endoluminal techniques worldwide

The AIIR platform provides a highly differentiated solution, with integration of complex modalities.

Increasing demand worldwide drives the market

Today, endoluminal treatments exist to treat certain diseases, like TAVI for the structural heart or the Endo gastric sleeve for bariatrics. However, these techniques remain complex and require a significative learning curve, limiting their adoption at a large scale. In parallel, treatment needs of the world’s population continue to grow significantly.

+1.5 B
by 2045
Population growth is driving increasing demand globally, both in developed and emerging countries

65+ years segment
of the growth by 2045


Aging of population increases dramatically number of patients suffering from cardiovascular or metabolic diseases worldwide

+1.3 B
people in middle class by 2030


The emergence of a middleclass with increased financial means impacts the demand for access to advanced care in many regions

Shortage of specialized clinicians put pressure on healthcare systems

Even in the most developed countries, there is already a shortage of specialized clinicians, such as neuro-radio interventionalists or interventional cardiologists. This pressure on healthcare systems will continue to increase in the coming years, affecting patients’ access to care.

Projected shortfall of
54 000 - 139 000
clinicians by 2033


Shortage of
230 000


Projected shortfall of
4 000
cardiologists by 2025 in the US


Across the globe, 6.4M physicians are needed

A new approach to treatment is required in order to bring wide access to non-invasive care to patients worldwide.
With AiiR platfrom, we aim at initiating this shift, by simplifying complex procedures and giving greater access to minimally-invasive care to patients worldwide.
AI trained on our own multi-modal database relying on several thousands of patients, allowing to build a digital twin able to anticipate potential complications and to make specific recommendations for a specific patient.
Real-time multi-modal medical image analysis allow fast and intelligent decision-making.
Autonomous motions supervised by the clinician allowing higher precision. The clinician can also teleoperate the robot with AI guidance at any stage.

TAVIPILOT is the first application of the Caranx medical AiiR platform that will enable a more precise aortic valve positioning, leading to reaching the level of experts.

Pierre Berthet-Rayne
Chief technical officer, Nice
At Caranx Medical, we strive to improve patient care. We are developing the future of surgery to ensure that all patients will receive the best quality of care. Our ambition is to combine the latest advances in AI, imaging and robotics in a system that can operate autonomously under a clinician’s supervision to ensure the best clinical outcome every time. With Caranx Medical, the future of surgery is happening today.
Caranx Medical is based in Nice, and all developments are carried out in-house. We are investing in our team, our equipment, our facilities and our local ecosystem to become a world leader in autonomous surgical robotics. We believe in diversity and gender equality to succeed: our team is currently made up of 10 different nationalities. Caranx Medical is also concerned about the environment and our planet. We do everything we can in our R&D and day-to-day activities to limit our carbon footprint, enabling us to outperform our competitors in the same field.
Éric Séjor
Chief medical officer, Nice
We are confident that our solution will benefit to patients, physicians, hospitals, and healthcare systems. This innovative technology will permit to reduce operating time, morbidity and mortality, hospital stay and recovery time. It will also allow standardization and democratization of complex procedures, by shortening the procedural learning curve and offering greater user comfort. Finally it will increase the rate of outpatient procedures and ultimately reduce costs for the healthcare systems.
Caranx Medical is developing innovation at the service of humans. We go beyond traditional medical device manufacturers to improve both the treatment of patients and the experience of clinicians. Our systems are easy to use, reliable and at the cutting edge of innovation. Our robot is developed for patients and clinicians by clinicians who are involved in every stage of development.
Dr Tchétché
Clinique Pasteur, Toulouse
From a clinician perspective, TAVIPILOT, and its robotic solution, represents a unique opportunity to further improve the procedure and the outcomes for our patients. The impactful combination of a technique tailored to the individual patient and a controlled and precise deployment of the prosthesis, remains the goal of every single TAVI procedure. TAVIPILOT will likely help to achieve that objective and ensure the predictability, reproducibility and further increased safety of these demanding interventions.


Nice, France, April 16 th 2024 – Caranx Medical,  announced the successful world first robotic assisted heart valve (aortic valve) implantation in an animal.

The assisted heart valve implantation in the animal was successfully performed by Dr. Stéphane Lopez, Dr. Eric Sejor, Caranx CTO Pierre Berthet-Rayne and Caranx team.
This groundbreaking achievement is the result of hard teamwork. At Caranx Medical, we are dedicated to improving patients’ lives through true innovation. This successful transcatheter robotic aortic valve implantation marks the first step toward a new generation of intelligent robots guided by AI, set to transform         healthcare as we know it” says Pierre Berthet-Rayne, PhD, co-founder and CTO of Caranx.
This major medical first lies not only in the technical achievement of Caranx Medical’s engineers, but also in the impact that this technology will have on interventional cardiology practice. By simplifying and standardizing a complex procedure, the robot we have developed opens up new
possibilities for improving the performance and safety of TAVI procedures” says Dr. Eric Sejor, co-founder and CMO of Caranx.

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