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Our Team

Philippe Pouletty, M.D.

President & Co-founder

About Philippe

Eric Séjor, M.D.

CMO & Co-founder

About Eric

Pierre Berthet-Rayne, PhD, Ing.

CTO & Co-founder

About Pierre

Michel Therin, M.D


About Michel

Vincent Dagommer


About Vincent

Vera Damerjian Pieters, PhD

AI and CV Engineer

About Vera

Jonas Smits, PhD

Mechatronics Engineer

About Jonas

Anna Mira, PhD

Biomechanical Modelling Engineer

About Anna

Ikhlef Bechar, PhD

AI and CV Engineer

About Ikhlef

Giulio Cerruti, PhD

Robotics Engineer

About Giulio

Flavie Przybylski

Robotic PhD Student (CIFRE)

About Flavie

Mircea Moscu, PhD

Software Engineer

About Mircea

Loïc Wauters, Ing.

System Engineer

About Loïc

Pierre Schegg, PhD

Mechatronics Engineer

About Pierre

Luc Perard, Ing.

Electronics Engineer

About Luc

Céline Buard

Marketing Manager

About Céline

Mathieu Quintin

Clinical Development & Regulatory Strategy

About Mathieu

Geraldine Nutte

Office Manager

About Geraldine

Linda Boulaire

Quality and Project Management

About Linda


Claire Corot

Senior Partner

About Claire

Alain Chevallier

Senior Partner

About Alain

Hélène Meyer

Administrative and

Financial Manager

Meriem Bendanoun

Ossama Zouaoui

Financing Consultant


Human Resources