Vincent Agnus, PhD

Team Leader. Principal Engineer AI

Vincent graduated from Strasbourg University where  received his Master’s Degree in Discrete Mathematics and his PhD in Computer Science. His thesis topic is about using Mathematical Morphology in spatio-temporal space to track motion in video sequences.

Before joining Caranx, Vincent served as Research Director at OrthoGrid Systems, Inc., Vincent has been instrumental in the development of AI solutions for image-guided orthopaedic surgery, with a focus on anatomy and implant recognition in fluoroscopic images. As the team ead, he successfully synchronized efforts with the French Research team and US software production team, secured grants, conducted research tax rebates, and involved in regulatory compliance.

Prior to this employment, Vincent has the role of senior data scientist at the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery (IHU Strasbourg). Being principal investigator, Vincent makes significant contributions to deep learning models for characterizing hepatic tumours, 3D segmentation, and multi-omics analysis. Vincent also led projects related to ischemia prediction and augmented reality for endoscopic procedures and optical imaging as confocal microscopy and hyperspectral imaging. His expertise extended to the field of computer vision and image-guided surgery (pre-clinical and clinical), with a focus on software development and collaboration with industrial partners such as Karl Storz and Siemens.

At the start of his career, he worked at IRCAD (Research Institute Against Digestive Cancer) as a researcher. He participated in the development of CT image segmentation algorithms and the software architecture that led to the creation of the Visible Patient spinoff.

Vincent is the inventor of 5 patents and has an h-index of 28 with 91 published articles.