Luc Perard, Ing.

Electronics Engineer

Luc is Electronic Engineer at Caranx Medical focusing on designing sensors and electronic interfaces for robotic applications.

Luc Perard obtained his engineering degree (M.Sc.) in Electronic Engineering from Grenoble Institute of Technology, France in 2019. During his studies, he’s been working as an engineer assistant at Michelin on UHF-RFID technologies and Sensors. He then worked on CBRAM technology for chipless-RFID applications at LCIS lab (Grenoble Institute of Tech.), as a member of the ERC granted project ScattererID. He actively focused on modelling and characterization of CBRAM cells.

He then joined Oticon Medical as an Electronic and RF Engineer to take part in the development of a new generation of Cochlear implant system. Here, he developed tools to automate electronic labs and designed the RF circuit for BLE integration.

Luc is enthusiastic about making electronic devices to support people’s lives.

His research interests include Wireless sensors, low power electronics and embedded systems.