Nils Boulanger, Ing.

Data Scientist

Nils, a recent graduate from the Université Catholique de Louvain, joined Caranx Medical in September 2023 as an engineer specializing in data science, with a focus on AI and computer vision.

Nils’ educational journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, where he cultivated a strong foundation in electronics and entrepreneurship. Building upon this, he pursued a Master’s degree in Data Science Engineering, during which he concentrated on AI applications for medical images. During this period, he started to become passionately interested in utilizing technology to enhance healthcare.

At Caranx Medical, Nils is positioned perfectly to fulfill his career ambition: using AI to enhance people’s lives. His academic background, coupled with his innovative spirit, align seamlessly with the company’s mission. Nils is committed to making a positive impact through advanced technology and data-driven solutions, and contribute to a bright future for the intersection of AI and healthcare.