Wen Wei, PhD

Data Scientist

Dr. Wei is a Data Scientist at Caranx Medical.

He graduated from CentraleSupélec in Computer Science & Engineering and received his dual Master’s Degree in Machine Learning and Statistics from University of Paris-Saclay. He then pursued his PhD in INRIA in collaboration with Paris Brain Institute (ICM), Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital. His thesis mainly focused on developing state-of-the-art techniques for learning brain alterations in multiple sclerosis from multimodal neuroimaging data, such as anatomical MRI, diffusion MRI and PET.

He also has extensive industrial research experience. After his PhD, he joined IBM Watson Health as Data/Research Scientist working on the medical image analysis by developing advanced machine/deep learning approaches and exploring how these AI technologies can be used for analyzing image and sequence signals.

His research interest lies in the interdisciplinary area of artificial intelligence and healthcare, especially medical image analysis and trustworthy AI system. His works have been published and presented on the most prestigious journals and conferences, such as MICCAI, Medical Image Analysis, RSNA, etc. He holds patents in AI and medical image analysis and also serves as a reviewer for top-tier conferences and journals.

He joigned Caranx Medical in February 2023.